DIMU Alphabet Flash Cards for 3-10 Year Old Kids Educational Toys for Preschool Kindergarten Kids for Home School - B08CN5LDB7

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  • 【Repeated Writing Flash Cards】This alphabet writing practice can be written repeatedly, leaving no trace after repeated use. The wipe-clean design increases the number of writing, each card is printed with exquisite illustrations, the abstract elements are concrete, enhance children's left and right brain development, colorful flash cards keep kids interest, so that kids can enjoy the fun of handwriting. Alphabet flash cards is a great sight words games for toddlers age 3 4 5 6.

  • 【Flash Cards for Toddlers】Alphabet writing cards can help kids practice writing letters, clear sequence of strokes, keep kids in a good habit of writing alphabet, wipe-clean design encourage kids to practice letters, sight words flash cards is especially suitable for preschool kindergarten girls boys, and there are corresponding words for kids to learn. Each alphabet can be traced and copied, so that children can master letters formation, improve their pen control and writing skills.

  • 【Preschool Learning Toys】The flash card is made of environmentally friendly cardboard materials, with rounded and smooth edges, safe for toddlers and protects kids immature hands. Letters are enlarged in writing to protect child eyesight, this early educational toys for 3 4 5 6 year old kids, flash cards set is consist with phonetic symbols, ABC songs, clocks, numbers, week and month for children learning, so that kids can learn comprehensively and better understand things in daily life.

  • 【Educational Games for Kids】Sight words games that kids to learn in games, colorful words card help inspire child’s artistic inspiration and liberate creativity. Sight words flash card games is a great way for parent-child interaction, suitable for preschool children to study at home. Parents can guide and teach kids to write and read letters. This educational toys is not only helps to promote communication between children and parents, but also allows children to like learning more.

  • 【Best Gift for Kindergarten Kids】This letter writing cards set is with exquisite packaging box, which is a great gift for toddlers, especially as birthday gift, children's day gift, Christmas gift, Halloween gift. 2-8 year old is a best time for kids to learn, kids at this age have strong curiosity and eager to learn. Family education at this time is very important for kids, it will keep kids have curious and loves to learn in the future, let kids can keep good habit in learning.

  • Early Educational Toys for Kids
    Alphabet flashcards can repeat writing and practice letters for your child, leaving no traces, and not waste papers. 26 letter cards
    advanced step-by-step practice, improve learning efficiency, from letters to words, advanced design, making learning more efficient
    and orderly. Write in alphabetical order design allows kid to develop good habits. Each card is printed with exquisite illustrations
    which is attractive kids interest in learning, flashcards allows children to enjoy the fun of handwriting and helps to develop toddlers
    left and right brains, wipe-clean flash cards is a good way to encourage kids to practice letters and words.

    Ideal Alphabet Learning Cards for Preschool Kindergarten
    Letter flash cards is suitable for 3-8 years old girls boys, it is an ideal gifts for toddlers age 3 4 5 6, kids at this age have strong
    curiosity of the things in life, family education is very important for kids, sight word game is a great way for parents-child interactive.
    Every kids have a colorful childhood, different color letter cards can increase kids color discrimination, observation and cognitive ability
    enhance kids artistic aesthetics in the games, cultivate hands-on coordination skills inspire artistic inspiration, liberate kids creativity.

    Name: Alphabet Flashcards
    Weight: 1.3lb (0.59kg)
    Material: Cardboard
    Flash Card Size: 16 x 10.5cm (9.3 x 4.1 In)
    Product Dimensions: 22 x 16 x 6cm (8.7 x 6.3 x 2.4 In)

    26 x Alphabet Flash Cards + Letter Practice
    1 x Phonetic Symbol Learning
    1 x Alphabet Form + ABC Song Learning
    1 x Time and Clock + 0-10 Number Learning
    1 x Week + Month Learning
    1 x Exercise Book of A-Z, a-z, 0-10 Practice
    1 x Pencil
    1 x Erase
    1 x Pencil Sharpener
    1 x Dry-Wipe pen
    1 x Wipe Cloth

    DIMU Alphabet Flash Cards for 3-10 Year Old Kids Educational Toys for Preschool Kindergarten Kids for Home School - B08CN5LDB7

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