Tomy Lights and Sounds Musical Giraffe-B00I98Q3TC

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  • Push giraffe's head to see the car vibrate as he revs up his engine

  • Watch with anticipation as the music starts and he gets ready to go

  • Music and lights count him down before he zooms off

  • Ideal crawling toys to get your little ones on the move

  • Promotes muscle development and logical thinking

  • The TOMY Infant & Toddler range have a complete product offering of family favourite toys that encourage your child's development, and keep your little ones entertained for hours! TOMY have a knowledgeable understanding of children's playtime needs, and continue to provide cleverly designed toys that ensure involved and 'Kid-Powered' play. TOMY use 'KID POWERED' play to reward children for their efforts of movement, motion and involvement whilst playing, with fun toys with engaging lights & sounds and learning content! This fuels their imaginations which encourage them to play for longer! Push Giraffe's head to see he starts the engine, car vibrates as he revs up the engine. "3…2…1…" "Weee!" Off he goes

    Box Contains

    1 x giraffe; 1 x car

    Tomy Lights and Sounds Musical Giraffe-B00I98Q3TC

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