V-Cube 9 x 9 x 9 Twisting Curved Puzzle Cube-B06Y5ZXJ9F

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  • This cube holds the record for largest, most mechanically complex rotational puzzle in the world. V-CUBE 9 has 1.42 x 10275 possible permutations

  • The V-Cube 9 Is A Multi-Coloured, 9-Layered Cube for advanced puzzle solvers

  • A Unique 'Pillow' Shape Facilitates Excellent Layer Engagement For Smaller Hands As Well As A Great, Tactile Feel

  • It consists of 386 small-cubies and a solid-cross for supporting their independent rotation on based axis. It is exceptionally difficult to solve and recommended for only the most brilliant and ambitious puzzle solvers

  • Made in the EU using V-Cube's patented technology. Supplied in a smart presentation box. Prepare to be confused

  • Product-divers. The v-cube 9 is a multi-coloured, 9-layered cube. A unique 'pillow' shape facilitates excellent layer engagement for smaller hands as well as a great, tactile feel..

    Safety Warning

    not appropriate for children under the age of 9 years

    Box Contains

    1 x Ori And The Blind Forest - Metal Keychain "Spirit Tree"

    V-Cube 9 x 9 x 9 Twisting Curved Puzzle Cube-B06Y5ZXJ9F

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