Wangkangyi 14 Inch Children's Bicycle Boys Bicycle Children's Bike with Auxiliary Wheel Carbon Steel-B08K35436X

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  • This 14" wheel comes with a sturdy training wheel for early riders. Saddle with bracket to learn how to ride when jockey wheel is off. Note: children's size may vary at the same age, please consider the size.

  • Thanks to the aluminium parts, our bike is particularly light and due to the precise workmanship, it is also extremely stable. Of course, the bike complies with legal standards and through an accurate final inspection we guarantee an all-round safe and stable children's bike.

  • This bike is equipped with a special ISO bottom bracket that allows for smooth pedalling. No frustration for little ones due to hard pedals. Bikestar uses only certified non-toxic materials for its products - pay attention to it when buying!

  • The ergonomics between the saddle and handlebars have been specially targeted, so that children always maintain a correct posture on the bike and promote healthy development.

  • With high carbon steel wheels, durable rubber tyres with extra thickness and inflatable tubes that allow for a quiet and safe ride on the path, driveway, rocky road, asphalt etc. It is also an ideal gift for children or occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter and Children's Day.

  • 14 inch children's bicycle, boys' bicycle, children's bicycle frame made of carbon steel bicycle.

    Safety triangle.

    With the characteristics of stability, firmness, durability and earthquake resistance, the baby will not fall down because of the deformation surface of the training wheels.
    1. High carbon steel frame: adopt ergonomic principle, adopt thickened frame tube wall, stronger bearing capacity.
    The material is full, the body is stable, safe and strong.
    2. Wear-resisting auxiliary wheel: the auxiliary wheel is made of environmentally friendly material, which does not damage the floor, is skidproof and wear-resistant, and is durable.
    3. Anti-skid and wear-resistant tires: thickened and widened racing tires are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and stylish in appearance, while maintaining a high degree of wear resistance and ground holding.

    Wangkangyi 14 Inch Children's Bicycle Boys Bicycle Children's Bike with Auxiliary Wheel Carbon Steel-B08K35436X

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